Operational and Profitability Improvement

Companies wanting to enhance their Processes and Profitability and achieve Global Positioning need to review their processes, both Operational & Business.  TRIITON through Process Optimisation of Company’s System and Business Processes, such as Operational, Financial, Marketing, Resource Utilisation, Manpower Planning, improve its profitability by studying the current operations and the long-term strategy of the Company. This is a two-step process:


Step I: will focus on process improvements to deliver better project performance and higher quality products by instituting best practices and measures of performance. This step aims at improving the operational efficiencies by reviewing key operational metrics, identifying improvement opportunities, setting a target for improvement within a 12 - 18 months period, and instituting metrics-based performance management.


Step II: will be aimed at driving organizational excellence at the Company, including improving the key business processes of the Company. This Step will adopt organizational excellence models like the Malcolm Baldridge Framework for Performance Excellence, and the EFQM Excellence Model which forms the basis of an Organizational Assessment framework to assess Company’s strengths, its Strategic plan, and identify opportunities that the Company may be in a position to exploit. Additionally, this will identify any gaps in its current positioning and capabilities, identify improvement opportunities in key processes such as Marketing, Resource Utilisation, and Manpower Planning, introduce the company to continuous innovation and Design Thinking, and define a roadmap to realising the Company’s vision and its objectives for Growth, Profitability and Competitivenes