Challenges Faced by Investment Companies?

  • Investment Companies have to ensure a high return for their investors by choosing the right companies to invest in:

    • - For Startups – The potential of the Innovative Idea, Commitment of the Entrepreneurs to the Business

    • - For other Companies

      • - Does the company have the right Management, a clear Strategic Plan for Growth, and with the right Growth Appetite

      • - If the Target Company is looking at an acquisition is involved, is it the right choice and can it be integrated without losing value?

      • - Does the company have maturity in terms of its Processes, both Business and Organisational?

      • - Does the Company have the right Organisation Culture?

What can TRIITON do to Assist Private Equity and Investment Companies?

  • Management Due Diligence to understand the Vision and growth plans; Evaluating capabilities of the management for them to manage future growing business; Evaluate the Organisation Structure and Succession Plan

  • Review of Target Companies Business Plans, Objectives of the Investment planned and Management’s ability to execute the plan

  • Undertake Financial Due Diligence & Organisation Culture assessment,

  • Target Companies Profitability Improvement thru Optimising Business and System Process

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