IT Strategy

Most companies’ IT strategy does not help the company gain competitive advantage in the market place. IT Strategy while helping the company in achieving operational excellence has to help the company in implementing its Business Strategy as well. The design and implementation of company’s’ IT Architecture and Strategy has to be such that it supports and enhances Company’s product & Service Strategy. IT strategy of a company is the intersection of Technology, Company Strategy and Innovation.


What does Triiton do?


TRIITON through its experience takes a 360 degree view of the components which are involved in determining IT strategy of a company:

  • Step 1: Understand Company’s Business StrategyGrowthNew Products, Services, and MarketsCompetitionDifferentiation and Innovation Strategy

  • Step 2: Develop IT StrategyUnderstand Company’s Business StrategyUnderstand Internal & External Customers requirement thru Design ThinkingDevelop Company IT Systems Architecture – Synchronise it with Company StrategyEvaluate Products available in the MarketAssess company IT capabilities & Partner CapabilitiesLatest Tools & TechnologyImplement the Strategy


The diagram below illustrates this: