Design Thinking and Innovation

Design thinking is a methodology for solution focused creative thinking, which require skills and knowledge to take a collaborative, innovative approach to problems that are large, technically deep, complex, multiscale, and open-ended.


In this methodology all the stakeholders participate actively, with a particular goal in mind for future – instead of solving a particular problem today. Design thinking emphasizes the use of multi-stakeholder perspectives which emphasizes rethinking around a product, its composition and use. The design thinking methods are intended to help focus our attention in support of creative thinking by creating a box around customer, product, processes.

Design thinking process is iterative and uses prototyping – to demonstrate technical feasibility of the solution.


Design thinking process uses diverse views of the participants to generate ideas. Typically the Design Innovation team would not just think outside the box, but build a bigger box. The team is selected such that they can identify gaps in the market and find markets in the gaps. The team needs to think like entrepreneurs.


The team would generally be supplemented by an external provocateur. Triiton experienced Consultants work with various stakeholders within and outside the organisation as the provocateur, to come up with innovative ideas.