What can TRIITON do to assist Enterprises?

  • Help Achieve world class in their area of expertise, IT, R&D, Chemicals, Alternative Energy, Insurance

  • Enhancing the Client Company's Global Competitiveness and Profitable Growth through Continuous Improvement & Innovation

  • Opportunities for Partnership; Identify possible M&A targets, Development Partners, Marketing Partners/ network

  • Company IT strategies in Sync with the company strategy and objectives

  • Strategic Vision & Business Plan – Understand, Review and Evaluate the Context for their Business, and their Goals

  • Mentoring, Strategic Consulting and Advice to Senior Management

  • Profitability – Continuous Business & System Process Optimisation

  • Compliance and results focus thru:

    • - Balanced Score Card to reflect company strategy and objectives

    • - Internal Audit Team to Support the Company Board to ensure Risk containment, Knowledge Management, Compliance and Process Audit

  • Knowledge management and Succession of Management

  • Partnerships for growth


Challenges Faced by Enterprises?

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